The Wedding Veil. Part V. A Thornton Manor wedding.

The simplest of wedding photographs can often be the most effective.  There is something really special about soft light when combined with the beautiful elegance of a simple veil.

This image was taken during the drinks reception at a Thornton Manor wedding as the bride was talking to her friends. An incredibly simple image but one which required some careful consideration before pressing the shutter.

Summer sunshine is normally too harsh to hold intricate detail in a veil and blown-out highlights are not a good look. By shooting in the shade of the building, the light was softer and easier to manage. A long telephoto lens with a wide aperture helped to isolate the veil and avoid a messy background. The Saul Leiter influence with the upright composition and the heavy crop, give it an almost abstract quality. It is one of those pictures that only works in black-and-white.

A brides veil at a Thornton Manor wedding