The Wedding Veil. Part III. The wedding ceremony.

The lifting of the veil is a significant moment in any traditional wedding ceremony. In our experience, there aren’t any set rules as to who helps the bride with her veil. We’ve seen everyone from the vicar to a member of the congregation lend a hand.  It was left to a bridesmaid to lift the veil during this wedding ceremony in Lancashire.

For the wedding photographer, this can be a tricky moment to capture. If the camera position is behind the vicar and shooting down the aisle, there can be a lot of people in the way of a clear shot. From the back of the church and looking up towards the aisle, it is rare for the bride to turn her face towards the camera. All we can do is anticipate the moment as Sarah has done here.

Colour is an important part of our wedding photography because shot correctly, it can add great depth to the coverage. Here, the bride is bathed in a wonderful palette of warm tones. The warmth also contrasts with the cold, wet weather conditions that greeted the arrivals at church. The light is from the internal spotlights and a telephoto lens was used to isolate the bride from the background.

wedding photo of a bride inside church