Rain On Your Wedding Day. Part II. Sunshine and showers.

Rain showers followed by brilliant sunshine. The cleansing effect on the light can be magical. Summer’s hazy tones have come alive with glistening highlights and clean colour.

In this wedding photograph, the bridesmaid’s car, a Mark II Jaguar, has driven through a rain shower. Parked outside of the church it now becomes a key part of the image. We can tell it has been raining. The sunshine reflecting off the bodywork suggests it was nothing more than a shower. The bridesmaid’s leg, along with the hitched up dress, adds to the story. We don’t need to see faces or expressions to understand what is happening.

The colour palette is muted; caramel and warm tones accentuate the blues in the dress. The texture in the bridesmaid’s shoe sparkles like the droplets on the car bumper. A detail shot but with a strong narrative but without the sunshine and showers, this picture would never have existed.

A bridesmaid at church in the sun just after a rain shower