Rain On Your Wedding Day.

There aren’t many brides that would like to get married in the rain, but is it really that bad? After shooting over 1500 marriages across 30 wedding seasons, we have yet to see a wedding ruined by the weather.

During the popular Summer months, it is rare for the rain to persist all day. There are usually some breaks in the weather. The amount of time people are expected to be outside on the day is also very short; just the arrivals and departures from Church and the drinks reception. Everything else takes place inside where the rain has no effect.

When it does rain, there are some great pictures to shoot and, with that in mind, this month’s pictures are all about rain on your wedding day.

Part I. Arriving at the ceremony.

A winter’s day in Liverpool. It was cold and drizzly, but apart from the arrivals at the venue, the weather had very little impact on the day. Here, the bride peeks out through the condensation and rain as she arrives at the venue. A picture which is all about mood and atmosphere. A tight crop pulls the viewer into the window and allows the dark car to create a natural frame.

Wedding photo of a bride arriving in the rain