Rain On Your Wedding  Day. Part  IV. A Christmas Wedding in Lancashire.

We are following on from the last post with a rainy day Christmas wedding in the North West.

We think that winter, and Christmas in particular, is a magical time for wedding photographs. The winter months may not lead to the glossy, staged, sun-kissed images that adorn the blogs and magazines, but what they lack in reader appeal, they give back in pure, photographic interest.

In common with a lot of winter weddings, especially around Christmas, this couple opted for a drinks reception at the church immediately after the ceremony. It was raining quite heavily while they were inside, but by the time they were ready to leave for the reception, the rain had stopped. This is the moment the bride gets into her car to leave for the main reception venue.

The picture is about the play of lines, angles and shapes. It’s a typical scene during the winter in the North West; dirt tracks, puddles, old walls. The rain has given texture and depth to the car.

The driver is the main foil for the other shapes in the picture; the tree branches reflected in the roof of the car, the bride’s hunched shape as she gets into the car. His white umbrella leading the eye into the frame while its black-and-white design mirrors the lines of the car in the opposite corner of the frame.

There are those that would consider this to be a risky shot. It would be reasonable to take up the camera position by the car, but that would have led to a typical, cliched image. The higher viewpoint from standing on the wall has given a far more interesting view of the scene, one which allows us to capture the whole story in one frame.

wedding photo of a bride leaving a church in the rain