Definitive Moments. Part VII. The Jewish Wedding Veil

“If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”

Every photographer worth their salt will be familiar with these words by Robert Capa. There has been a lot of discussion about what Capa meant by this phrase. Was he referring to physical distance or being close to the subject on an emotional level? Either way, this phrase is paramount to a wedding photographer.

For the last post in this series featuring the wedding veil, we have a trio of images based around the concept of being physically near to the subject. The veil is an important part of a Jewish wedding and witnessing it being put on can lead to some great pictures. The closeness, in this case, was a consequence of being in a small dressing room with the bride. The resulting intimacy and the use of a wide-angle lens have led to some interesting pictures. Even in a small room, it is essential we capture images with great composition, light and storytelling. Of course, we don’t suggest you stand on top of your subject if you have space, but working close to someone can make you think outside of the box and help you to produce better pictures.

Jewish wedding photo of bride with veiljewish wedding photo showing a bride and veil

jewish wedding photo showing a hand detail