The Wedding Veil. Part IV. No two weddings are the same.

As documentary wedding photographers, we always start a wedding without any preconception as to what might happen during the day. Each event is different and it is important for us to show this by observing what happens in front of the camera.

Take these two images of the veil being attached. They show the same part of the wedding ritual and are taken at similar points during the day, but they are very different pictures. Each one is authentic and unique to that particular wedding.

The first image is of a bride standing in a dark hotel corridor attaching her veil. Initially, the bridesmaid in the foreground blocked the scene and the overhead light wasn’t very kind to the bride. After deciding to stay with the scene, there was a very brief moment when the bride tilted her head back into the overhead light and the bridesmaid moved just enough to get a vertical composition. There was just one shot. This one. Purely instinctive.

The second image is completely different. Here there is a large bedroom with plenty of light and an unrestricted view of the scene. The composition was set in the camera and the two figures were left to interact within the frame. The decisive moment, that moment when everything came together, happened when the bridesmaid lifted the veil across her face.

wedding photo of bride attaching veilwedding photo of a bride in oxford university