The Wedding Veil. Part VI. Staged sophistication at a Fyvie Castle wedding.

We are known for our documentary wedding photographs, but there is a requirement at most weddings for some staged ‘formal’ pictures. These images are a traditional part of the wedding day and are important to many couples. We are always happy to take them when asked and usually work within a 15-minute window during the drinks reception.

This is a staged picture, taken at Fyvie Castle in Scotland, which has the feel of a journalistic image. Taken during the bridal portrait session, it is a staged/unstaged moment which shows the type of venue the couple chose for their wedding and the amazing veil. The use of the ultra-wide angle lens adds gives a surreal feel to the picture.

When looking for this type of picture, the first thing we seek out is a location which has good light and a strong geometric structure. Old castle doorways usually have both. The success of this image is down to the attention to detail; the bride’s head and torso positioned so that they aren’t against a bright part of the picture; the shape of the veil mimicking the ceiling beyond the doors; the deliberate imperfections in the way her veil and dress had been positioned so that it doesn’t look too contrived. The idea is to believe that, in the absence of witnessing the picture being taken, the bride is naturally exiting the building.

wedding photo of a bride in a doorway at fyvie castle